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PGA Systems was formed in April 2000 following my redundancy from Sodexo

My roll was to service Scott Currie with all his computing neetds

I helped Scott with his GASP System, with his backups and housekeeping - I even rebuilt his laptop conductionf ferensic computer after he had hit his machine in fristration destroying the Hard Drive and CD Rom.

We were friends with Adrew Wilson from the Golf Club - Andrew had a Vision for a musival legacy - I offered my services but Andrew dwclined my offer opting to chose another developer.

What was produced was impressibe but it had no function

Andrew had another Vision and created a website for Pacific Nations Rubgy - which was again impressive but lacked function.

I have no vision for what is required to service Pacific Nations Rugby other than a Protopage for every rugby club in the world.

I have gone on to develop a Musical Legacy by producing RadioXL / Manchester Music / Flip Recipe / None Duality and Shady Hollow<

The Service will become subscription based once Richard gets his Forest 404 project moving.

PGA Systems is still active providing golf clubs with valuable Protopage experience - it will be up to uk golf to decide if they want The Directors Table.

Hopefully Forest 404 will service PGA Systems with the development of Green Gyms.